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It is natural for us to get confused with the correct usage of the English language. That is exactly the time when you need to brush up your English grammar rules.

You will find many English grammar books available on the market. But you have to choose the best grammar book for you or your child to teach him the correct English grammar rules. The best English grammar book should be able to teach the parts of speech, punctuation, and correct English grammar tenses. There should be enough examples for each grammar item. There should also be ample of exercises allowing you to practise your grammatical knowledge.

Some of the new English grammar books that are available in the market boast of being the best English grammar books. You must turn the pages of the book to find out why they have become the best grammar books today.

1.Practice Makes Perfect English Grammar for ESL Learners, 2nd Edition; With 100 Exercises

Practice Makes Perfect English Grammar for ESL Learners

This grammar book helps you understand the elementary rules of English grammar with its easy and flowing language. You can review your English learning after reading the various grammar sections of the book. There are one hundred exercises to make your learning successful and functional. The paperback copy of the book is available Look it Up – HERE.

2.ESL Classroom Activities For Teens and Adults; ESL games, fluency activities, and grammar drills for EFL and ESL students

ESL Classroom Activities for Teens and Adults

This English grammar book is enriched with real life activities for the students. The teaching-learning experience can be very engaging and fruitful with the help of this book. There are some activities for every level of learner. This book is good for both TOEFL and ESL students.

The “classroom” can become vibrant with the games and activities from this book. The students can participate enthusiastically and almost become unaware of the actual learning process! What more, the teachers from all over the globe have rated this book as the best English grammar book. Every teacher has received satisfaction following this book and teaching English has become more successful with them. You can get this wonderful paperback Check it – HERE.


3.ESL Beginner, 3rd Ed. (English as a second language series)

ESL Beginner, 3rd Ed

If you are a beginner in learning English as a second language, this is the right book for you. Whether you use this book in your classroom or study it yourself, this book acts as a guide to you. It teaches you simple correct English as you move on from one section to the other. There are exercises and fun activities to practise, both in person and in the group. Following the simple rules and examples of English grammar, you can soon expand your expertise in the language. You can then speak confidently as an ESL user. This ESL beginner paperback is available Click – HERE.


4.ESL For Beginners –  Lessons Guide With Activities: Volume One

ESL for Beginners Lessons Guide with Activities

This is an entire English grammar package book for the beginners of English language learning. Its material is appropriate for both ESL and TOEFL students. From vocabulary to syntax, and grammar to comprehension, this book has lessons for everything. At the end of each lesson, you find suitable exercises reviewing the learner’s skill and ability to use correct English. There are 20 lessons in total, planned for four weeks. This book is a great teaching aid for the language teachers too.  The paperback copy of this book is available See the Book – HERE .


5.1000 Conversation Questions: Designed for use in the ESL or EFL Classroom

1,000 Conversation Questions

This is perhaps the best English grammar book with conversation based topics. The level is appropriate for the beginners, the intermediate or any advanced learners. The book covers almost all grammar items in the form of conversation. It is interesting to read and can be used for great warm-up sessions. As mentioned in the title of the book, there are 1000 conversation questions. The teachers use this book as a supplementary along with other English grammar books. This paperback is available HERE.



You can consider your grammar book to be the BEST grammar book if it can develop all the English language skills in you or your learner. You should be able to identify each grammar item with confidence. You should be able to make use of the grammar items correctly in a sentence. You should also be able to participate in English discussions fluently. And most importantly, make sure that you ‘think in English’ before you articulate in English!

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  1. By Tania Stanwood Posted on December 10, 2014

    I recommend Phil Williams’ book The English Tenses Practical Grammar Guide. It’s a great book on learning the proper grammar techniques and the best ways to learn it.

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